A work in progress

Vite and Phoenix

I recently worked on a good-old server-rendered web application written in Phoenix. One part of this app is a rather complex form that requires quite a bit of plumbing and UI logic that is IMO a bit more than what can be comfortably written and maintained in vanilla Javascript or even AlpineJS.

Filtering Ecto Queries

Use pattern matching and recursive function calls to apply filters to an Ecto query

On Adding New Features

On my job, I have been working on a product that we have been trying to get to market within this month. There are more-or-less 2 programmers working on this project, an iOS programmer working on an iPad app and an iPhone app, and myself working on the server backend and the data analysis front-end.

Random Updates

Starting from this month, I have been officially in my current job for 6 months, which also means I just got out of the probation period for the company. During the past 6 months, I have been doing a bunch of various things, and also learned a lot of stuffs that I have never really thought about.